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Mitchell Funk
New York, NY
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Biographical Notes

1950 Born New York City

1966 Works with father who was director of Medical Illustration and Photography at a Medical School in New York.

1968 Takes job as medical and surgical photographer.

1969 Reacts to turbulent times of the day. Makes transition to an artistic vision. Wants to shock people with color. Gets first portfolio in Popular Photography magazine. Lies about about his age because he felt editors will not take a 19 year old seriously.

1970 Continues experimental work by burning with a match 35mm transparences and sandwiching them together. Pioneered in-camera multiple-expose work. Develops a style based powerful use of shape, light and color.

1970 First Exhibition: Brooklyn Museum, Group show "Images en Couleur" .

1971 Included in visionary book "Frontiers of Photography" Time Life.
The book featured abstract and bold color photography.

1970's  Creates Photo-Cubist multiple exposures and Negative Color images of New York skyscrapers. Work starts appearing regularly in photography magazines around the world. Simultaneously, works as a photographer for advertising and editorial clients. That will include ATT, GM, IBM, Life, Fortune, Time, Newsweek.

1980's Intensification and refinement style. Continued to be featured on major photography magazine covers and to have portfolios worldwide.

1994 Starts to work with digital technology as an editing tool.

1990's Work evolves. Does not yield to the popular esthetic of the day and maintained personal integrity of his own style.

1997 Begins work on New York and San Francisco projects. Trying to interpret each city before they bulldozer destroy all the character.

2000 to Present: Sense of relentless individualism continues for 41 years. He works everyday with the same level of enthusiasm.

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